serve the world

missions trips - praying, giving & going

We at Chi Alpha believe that missions are essential to a growing community. God commands us to give and sacrifice to make disciples in the world. We encourage our students to pray over the trips, to give to those going, and to go themselves. We have made it our goal to send as many teams to as many different places as possible to share the love of God all around the world. While these trips aren’t free, we empower our students with the right tools to make sure their fundraising goals are met.

Spring Break Trips

Every spring break we empower our student leaders to take on completely student-led missions trips to major cities across the country. In spring 2017, we partnered with Dream Centers and churches in Atlanta, Denver, Detroit, Milwaukee, Pinedale, and Summit County to work with the homeless community, do street evangelism and street cleanups, minister to prostitutes, and so much more. This is our way of making sure that all students have the opportunity of going on a mission trip. Not every student can take time off during the summer or can afford to go on an international trip, but we work hard to keep spring break trips affordable.

Summer Missions Trips

There’s no better time to travel internationally than during college. We understand that and help to provide a way to travel while sharing the gospel around the world. In the summer of 2017, we had teams go to Russia, Ukraine, the Dominican Republic, and Kenya. These teams reached out to impoverished communities, ran feeding programs, did manual labor for a local school, painted a police station, and so much more. Chi Alpha also hopes to expand to more locations next summer. You’ll be hard pressed to find another time where traveling across the world can be so manageable!