serve the world

missions trips - praying, giving & going

At Missouri State Chi Alpha, we believe that missions are essential to a growing community. God commands us to make disciples in the world. We encourage our students to pray, give and go on trips themselves. We have made it our goal to send as many teams to as many places to share the love of God all around the world.

Spring Break Trips

Every spring break we empower our student leaders to take student-led missions trips to major cities across the country.

In Spring of 2019, we plan on partnering with Dream Centers and churches in Atlanta, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Memphis to work with homeless communities, do street evangelism, minister to prostitutes, and work with kid programs, etc. We are so excited to be adding a trip to help another Chi Alpha at University of Iowa! We value students doing ministry and Spring Break missions trips are the avenue we utilize students in changing the world.

Summer Missions Trips

There is no better time to travel internationally than during college. We provide a way to travel the world while sharing the gospel. We believe college students are the agents of change for the Kingdom of God; therefore, we offer a number of international missions trips every year.

In the Summer of 2019, we will have teams go to China, Kenya, and the Dominican Republic. These teams will reach out to impoverished communities, run feeding programs, provide manual labor for a local schools, teach English and work with overseas Chi Alphas, and much more.