Large Group gathering
Monday nights @ 7pm

What To Expect.

Larger Group Gathering is our weekly service that incorporates dynamic worship and a relevant message targeted for college studentsā€™ lives. Our large group meeting meets Mondays at 8pm in the Plaster Student Union (PSU) Ballroom West. Our main emphasis is developing a real, authentic community of students who love God and each other.

Our large group meeting begins with worship then moves into a time to meet others and hear an engaging message and finishes with a time of response in worship and prayer. The entire service lasts little over an hour. Connecting with others in genuine, fun community continues after the service when our group goes to Hangout: playing games at The Fronts (The Fronts - areĀ located in Bear Town by the corner of National Ave. and Grand St. next to Breaktime Gas Station), eating at a local restaurant or another fun event!